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Natural Raw Almonds...

Harvest will be here soon
Crunchy and fresh, we are currently growing these truly raw California almonds in two varieties: Nonpareil and Carmel. Many almond consumers are not aware that different almond varieties exist. An easy way to explain is to think of apples; apples come in all different varieties such as Red Delicious, Granny Smith, Gala, Fuji, etc, yet they are all apples. Below are pictures and a brief description of the two almond varieties we grow on our farm.

These almonds are grown utilizing a method called Integrated Pest Management (IPM), developed by the University of California, Davis. This philosophy of farm and crop management seeks to work with the nature as much as possible. Chemical applications are often avoided by using cultural methods that encourage natural predators to pests and minimize disease infestations. Only when necessary are treatments made, and even then we utilize the safest, mildest treatments possible. We take this very seriously as we live right in our orchards!

Nature's delicious "power packed" snack; almonds are the most nutritionally dense nut. These fresh raw almonds are loaded with vitamins, minerals, and are an excellent source of mono- unsaturated fats which promote healthy cholesterol levels.

Nonpareil Almonds...
have a mild natural sweetness and a smooth light colored skin that makes them enjoyable time after time. They are a large, relatively flat nut.

Carmel Almonds...
have a slightly stronger, nuttier flavor sometimes described as having an "Amaretto essence". The skin is darker than and not as smooth as the nonpareil; the nut is long like the nonpareil, but rounder.

We have our almonds packaged in sealed 8 ounce bags, and bulk packaged in 10 pound and 25 pound boxes.

These almonds are NOT pasteurized and are perfect for soaking, germinating, sprouting, blending, or just enjoying in there naturally dried state, just like they came off our trees. Click here for more information on pasteurization.
Price: $73.50 /
10 lb. box
Carmel Almonds

Price: $153.75 /
25 lb. box
Carmel Almonds

Fresh packed and sealed in 8 ounce bags.

Price: $4.49 / bag
Nonpareil Almonds

Price: $73.50 /
10 lb. box
Nonpareil Almonds

Price: $153.75 /
25 lb. box
Nonpareil Almonds

Customer Reviews: 5 Write a Review (click here)

"You Just Made My Dieting Fun Again"

I currently went from being in a nationally known diet program to doing it on my own. Not hard but needed something to make it yummy. I JUST got my order(right on time for a snack). WOW!!!The raw almonds are outstanding. And the butter toffee are just sweet enough to satisfy my sweet tooth. Can't wait to try the almond butter I got as well. Definitely will be reordering.

Christina Renfer

Best almonds on the net...

I previously ordered 10lbs of Natural Raw almonds from you folks... we have gone through them already. I ordered 5 lbs from another place and was able to compare yours to theirs... What a difference. Your raw almonds were much sweeter, had a beautiful color and had a much better texture when chewing.

I make a lot of almond milk for my household and could really taste the difference when I used your almonds.

I always thought "almonds are almonds" and didn't give it much thought, until I had yours. Man have I been schooled. Thank you for the amazingly tasty almonds. Consider me a "regular" customer now.

Shawn Norris

Delicious, fresh and crunchy...

These almonds are like the almonds my grandparents used to grow. You can't get true raw almonds except direct from the farmer any more. I was happy to find such wonderful almonds at a decent price. The folks growing these almonds are really nice people too. I can easily recommend Briden Wilson Farm natural raw almonds to others.

"Almond lover"

I have had both the butter toffee and the Natural Raw Almonds. Very tasty - you can absolutely tell the difference in FRESHNESS between the Briden Wilson products and ordinary store-bought Almonds. The flavoring is great!

Keep up the good work.

Rod Dahlstrom

They arrived quickly and we are loving them! I have told so many friends about you all and they are excited. Because I can't keep quiet I now have a number of friends who want me to share my almonds with them :-) so I am sure I will be ordering again soon.

Thank you so much!


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