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Nonpareil California Blend Almonds... offer the mild natural sweetness of nonpareil almonds, plus the slightly stronger, nuttier flavor of carmel almonds.

The new California Blend is mostly nonpareil nuts with a light blend of the carmel variety.

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Nonpareil California Blend Almonds
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Nonpareil California Blend Almonds
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The 2018 harvest year at Briden Wilson Farms was lighter than average, which lent itself to the creation of this special blend of nonpareil and carmel almonds. We harvested all our almonds together, and this means you are able to experience the flavors of both varieties in this delightful blend!

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We are now offering organically grown, truly raw, natural almonds. These almonds are not USDA Certified Organic, but are grown in accordance with the organic standards. Growing organically removes some of the tools we have to protect the trees and the crop from disease, so we work diligently to keep the orchard sanitary. We hand sort our almonds to ensure that our customers receive only the very best!

At Briden Wilson Farm, we currently grow two almond varieties, Nonpareil and Carmel. Many almond consumers are not aware that different almond varieties exist. An easy way to explain is to think of apples; apples come in all different varieties such as Red Delicious, Granny Smith, Gala, Fuji, etc, yet they are all apples. Below are pictures and a brief description of the two almond varieties we grow on our farm.‚Äč

These almonds are NOT pasteurized and are perfect for soaking, germinating, sprouting, blending, or just enjoying in there naturally dried state, just like they came off our trees. Click here for more information on pasteurization.

Our bulk raw almonds are 100% peanut free.