Simple Ways to Naturally Lower Blood Pressure…

Many of us may not believe that the heart is a muscle that is no more than the size of a fist but it is one of the most heavily worked organs in our bodies. Over the course of an average life span, the heart beats about two and a half billion times unceasingly. Blood runs through our veins and arteries at a certain pressure and it is essential to ensure that the pressure is within normal limits. However, if this pressure increases, the heart is overworked and the arteries develop abnormal interior tissue growth. This further blocks the passage of blood, leading to increasing blood pressure.

Obesity invariably leads to high blood pressure because of the excessive body weight and the additional pressure it puts on the heart and arterial system. Therefore, not taking measures to lower high blood pressure can finally result in serious heart diseases and sudden strokes cardiac arrests, and heart attacks are often the result. Another serious health complication caused by high blood pressure is kidney failure. In some cases, patients inherit their susceptibility to high blood pressure from their parents. 

Congenital high blood pressure is harder to treat than other forms because the problem is an integral part of the genetic makeup. Medical studies have shown that sedentary lifestyles tend to push up blood pressure, while regular exercise and physically active life reduce it. It is certainly not required to spend hours in the gym to control blood pressure. An evening stroll, walking the dog, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, running around watering the plant, vacuuming briskly can suffice. If you are currently taking drugs for hypertension, then check with your personal doctor before making a change in your routine. Most doctors would agree that you should naturally lower your blood as it is the safest and most effective route for improved overall health.​

Apart from some good physical activity a heart-friendly diet is also important. Boiling foods instead of frying them and trimming the skin and fat off of meat all add up to less artery-clogging plaque in your blood vessels to make the blood flow smoother. But make sure to avoid foods rich in fat and cholesterol and consume minimum salt. Sodium plays an essential role in regulating fluids in the body. Studies of diverse populations have shown that a high sodium intake is associated with higher blood pressures. Check labels on food packets for sodium content. Reducing sodium is probably the biggest step you can take in achieving low blood pressure.​

Foods rich in potassium like bananas, raisins and almonds are proven to have a beneficial effect on hypertension. Fresh vegetables, whole grain breads, beans and natural fruits are some of the best ways to lower blood pressure and improve the overall aspects of your health. Eat chocolate and this will understandably be your favorite tip. Studies have shown that eating 100 grams per day of dark chocolate have a beneficial effect on blood pressure.​

Another effective way to improve the overall cardiovascular health is to quit smoking completely and drinking alcohol in excess. While drinking in moderation may not have much of an impact on your heart, having more than three pegs a day may contribute to high blood pressure. Alcohol has been shown to raise blood pressure by interfering with the flow of blood to and from the heart. When alcohol passes through your bloodstream, it ejects blood rich in nutrients from reaching your heart.​

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