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Tamari Almonds...

Orders normally ship within 24 hours.

Fresh packed and sealed in 8 ounce bags.

Price: $5.49 / bag

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The mellow flavor of soy is a superb compliment to the crunch of a roasted almond. If you like flavored almonds, but aren't a big fan of spicy flavors, this may be the perfect remedy.

These roasted Carmel almonds seasoned with tamari shoyu are an excellent addition to a stir fry, cold salads, or just enjoy a handful to satisfy your hunger in between meals. You can't find a better snack than flavored almonds, packed with nutrients, protein, and healthy oils to help keep your cholesterol levels in check.

Our almonds are 100% peanut free. However, our roasted almonds are handled in a facility that also processes cashews and pistachios.

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