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We currently grow two varieties of almonds, Nonpareil and Carmel.

Our almonds trees are on peach and plum rootstocks, so the trees are relatively small. We manage our orchard using a combination of the Integrated Pest Management guidelines developed by the University of California and Best Management Practices developed by the Almond Board of California. The management guidelines are intended to establish and maintain high food safety standards, provide sustainable farming practices that protect the land, water and air quality, and quality of the nuts themselves while continuing to be an economically viable industry.

The Nonpareil variety is the premium almond, literally meaning “having no equal.” It is a relatively large, flat almond with smooth, blonde skin and a delicate, sweet flavor. We typically reserve these nuts for raw consumption. They are delicious fresh, but are also very popular for blanching, baking, slicing, salads, and a great variety of purposes. The Carmel variety is almost as large as the Nonpareil, but not as broad and smooth. The flavor of the Carmel is nuttier; some describe it as having an “amaretto” flavor. These almonds are a very popular export to India. We like to use them for roasting, and they are the nuts we dry roast and grind into our nut butter.